Foam Support Gift Pack

Shaped to support your baby’s head, shoulders and back during bathing, this soft sponge mat fits most baths and can be used from birth to six months.

The included beautifully crafted sponges are essential for caring for your baby’s sensitive skin. Developed from natural materials, that have been harvested sustainably, our sponges are also specially shaped and highly absorbent to create ultimate softness. A delicate yet safe cleaning experience for your little bundle of joy.

Everything you need for a soft and gentle bath time. A perfect present for any baby shower or expectant mother.

What’s included in the gift pack:

  • Foam Support (46 cm/30 cm)
  • Natural Baby Sponge (7 cm – 9 cm – shape of each sponge is unique)
  • Teardrop Baby Sponge (13 cm)
  • Single Round Baby Sponge (9 cm)

Advise: Natural Sponges are thoroughly cleaned, however we recommend checking them for coral, shells or marine contamination prior to first use.


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