We are the official, leading, and respected manufacturer of premium, high-quality Ellie-Fant baby care sponge products. Based in Stoke-on-Trent, we first launched in 1960, giving us over 60 years of experience crafting sponge products perfect for your baby’s soft skin.

Our journey began as a supplier of high-quality, technical sponges to the ceramics industry. Over the years, we have flourished and expanded our reach. We now supply bespoke sponges to specialist industries and major high-street retail outlets, including Waitrose and John Lewis, where reputation and quality are paramount. Additionally, we take pride in our membership with Club Hub. Established in 2016, Club Hub is the UK’s Largest Babies, Toddlers, and Children’s Activities Directory, founded by Tessa Day, a prominent Children’s Activity Provider.

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Our baby care range is now available to consumers under our trusted brand, ‘Ellie-Fant.’ Our product development team has meticulously crafted our super-soft and comfortable sponges, envisioning a complete range of gentle and ultra-safe products to care for your baby’s delicate skin. We exclusively utilize sustainably harvested natural materials, and our sponges are specially shaped and highly absorbent, ensuring the utmost softness.

As parents, we assure you that our tried and tested products are gentle enough to support your baby, fostering a calm and safe bathtime environment to nurture even the newest addition to your family.

Our goal is to make bath time with your newborn as relaxing as possible for both you and your baby. We hope our soothing sponges contribute to an enjoyable, safe, and caring experience, ensuring a delicate yet thorough clean for your little bundle of joy.

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