Family values are at the heart of what we do, which is why working together to carefully craft our super-soft sponges and bringing the brand to life has always been important to us.

Founded by John Hewitt, Hygan first launched in 1960 giving us over 60 years of experience in developing sponge products, perfect for your baby’s soft skin.

Our Baby Care brand has used an elephant logo for many years to represent our friendly and caring values. To launch the new Ellie-Fant website, Rick Hewitt has upgraded the original image to offer a new and more engaging character that matches Ellie’s developing personality.

What does Ellie say about these sponges? See below for information and fun facts:

The Ellie-Fant logo

We aim to make your newborn’s bath time as relaxing as possible, for both you and baby, which is why Sophie Hewitt has also created a beautiful poem about Ellie-Fant to ensure a soothing bath time for your little bundle of joy.

Ellie-Fant Poem

Ellie says – “these days it’s important to be sustainable, care about the planet, care about each other, and choose carefully when buying and using baby products”.

Ellie says“did you know that Hygan uses only the finest quality synthetic materials for their baby products”? They are specially selected and certified to the highest standards to provide the best bath time ever.

Ellie says “it’s good to be reassured when buying baby care products. “Did you know that Hygan has been manufacturing extra special sponges for over 60 years, wow, that’s how long some elephants can live for!”

So, what do we know about elephants and why is Ellie-Fant the perfect baby character? Elephants have personalities just like us, they are affectionate, have self-confidence, they are inventive, mischievous and above all curious. Characteristics we discover in our new-born and growing babies every day!

Ellie-Fant and her friends Jerry the Giraffe and Harry the Hippo love bath time in the watering hole. Who doesn’t enjoy some relaxing time having a bath? Ellie says elephants spend a lot of time in the water. It’s how they cool off, it’s good for their skin, and its probably wicked fun to splash around and spray things with their trunks, that’s why Ellie says    “I use my Teardrop sponge at bath time, it’s fun”

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Ellie Says “did you know that an elephant can weigh between 3,000 – 6,000 Kg! “Better still, did you know that you would need 1 million Teardrop sponges to weigh the same as an adult elephant! Wow, that’s a lot of sponges.

Ellie says “did you know that Hygan’s sponges are fully certified by SGS as totally safe for babies”. That’s why Hygan supply baby sponges to some of the most prestigious names on the high street.

Ellie says “did you know, elephants are really social creatures, especially the females like me —. Me and my elephant friends are almost inseparable, and there’s nothing we would rather be doing than just “chilling out together”