Spooky Halloween Bath Activity For Kids

by Ellie-Fant


How to celebrate Halloween with children by learning through play?

Celebrating Halloween with your kids may be a lot of fun for both of you. We wanted to share with you the idea of how to organise an easy and fun spooky Halloween bath activity that is great for toddlers, pre-schoolers and older kids!

This great bath setup is a fantastic way to celebrate the spooky time with your kids.


What you will need for this fun spooky Halloween bath activity:

🕸️Halloween Glow Sticks

🕸️Halloween tealights

🕸️Colour Spiders

🕸️Eye Balls

🕸️Halloween Bath Bomb

🕸️Sponge, a net or any container


The glow sticks, tealights and eyeballs we found in the ASDA store but you can also find them on Amazon, and the colour spiders and the bath bomb you can buy from The Range store.

spooky Halloween bath activity accessories

The ‘Trick or Treat’ glow sticks come in 3 packs, the spooky bright and colourful stretchy spider pack of 12 contains 6 assorted colours (Green, Black, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Light Orange) and the eye balls come in a 8 pack!  The Halloween tealight pack has 4 tealights in a single package. It is up to you what kind of atmosphere you want to create; you can buy one pack of each or buy more and create a unique atmosphere around the whole house, especially when it gets darker outside.

How to arrange a Spooky Kids Halloween Bath Activity:

As long as your bathroom is dark you can organise it anytime in a day, however, the best time to set it all up is when it’s getting dark outside so that the glowing sticks are clearly visible. First of all, put the warm water into a bathtub and make the sticks glow. If you’re worried about the glow sticks getting into your kid’s mouth, especially smaller kids, then you can put them in a bottle of water to protect your child from putting them into his mouth.

Halloween glow sticks for bath activity

Now, place a few different Halloween coloured spiders and the eye balls in the bathtub to keep them floating, and other spiders around the tub. Halloween tealights and other spiders around the bathtub make the Halloween theme bath time atmosphere even better.

Remember to watch the kids all the time so they do not end up putting the spiders, an eye balls or tealights into their mouths!!

As extra part of the Halloween bath activity, your kid can put the Halloween bath bomb into the tub and watch how the water becomes orange. Children can also activate and shake the glow sticks by themselves. This will help your kid to be less fearful especially if this is something new to him when playing with the glow sticks and spiders in a bath!!!

It is also a good idea to add some bubble bath, which will add a lot of foam and bubbles for extra fun. This will make the water appear orange and diffuse the light, hiding the place where the glow sticks and the spiders are.

colour spiders on the sponge

If you have sponge, a net or any container, you can give it to your kid to catch the spiders as a fun and exciting hunting activity.

These play activities are fun and can be very educational for your kids! Here are some of the fun ideas you can also do with your children not only while they are in a bath.

Colours: As the spooky spider pack contains 6 assorted colours – Green, Black, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Light Orange, you can ask your kid what colours of spiders he caught on a sponge or in a net/container.

Counting: your kid can count all of the spiders in the water and all the spiders around a bathtub, then you can throw them one by one in the water and ask your kid to count them. Lastly, he can count all the spiders which are in the water.

Phonics S-Sound: you can practice singing ‘s ‘sound like ‘S’ is for spider S is Ss Spider…

Song singing: You can sing the ‘Itsy bitsy spider’ song with your kid and repeat it many times! All the kids know and love that song so you can sing that every day as part of spider week!

orange bath water and the colour stretchy spiders floating in itspooky Halloween bath activities for kids

These are just some of the bath activities you and your child can enjoy.

Creating different bath themes can be a fantastic sensory experience. It reduces stress, has many learning benefits and adds some extra fun to the bath time routine!

Have a spooktacular Halloween !!!!!!!


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