5 Best Baby Sponges For Safe Sponge Baths

Sponge baths are great for bathing infants who aren’t prepared for big baths or showers. However, many babies and preschool-age kids love sponge baths. The sponge baths may be a great way to calm and soothe your newborn or toddler, particularly while you and your child are having a mother and child bath time.

Ellie-Fant best baby sponges for sponge baths

Hygan baby care range is now available to consumers through the trusted brand ‘Ellie-Fant.’ Our product development team has developed our best baby bath sponges, which are super-soft and safe, with a vision to create a complete range of kind and ultra-safe baby bath sponges to look after your baby’s delicate skin. We only use natural materials that are harvested sustainably, and our sponges are also specially shaped and highly absorbent to create ultimate softness. As parents ourselves, we promise that our tried and tested products are gentle enough to support your baby, making bath time a calm and safe environment to nurture even the newest addition to your family.


5 Top Baby Bath Sponges

Baby Bath Foam Support Mat

For a comfortable and safe bath time, our Ellie-Fant Foam Bath Support  is perfect for your baby to lie on. The foam support is essential, super soft and comfy, providing ultimate support for babies in the bath, no need to worry about splashing about, as your baby is fully protected and relaxed. Creating a calm and nurturing environment for your baby’s first bath.

Shaped to support your baby’s head, shoulders and back during bathing, this soft sponge mat fits most baths, baby tubs and sinks and can be used from birth up to six months.

Size: (46 cm/30 cm)

Ellie-Fant baby bath foam support mat

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Baby Bath Foam Support Gift Pack

Our exceptional quality gift pack contains a selection of our ultra-soft and gentle sponges. These products have been manufactured to the highest certified standards to deliver safe products that new parents can trust.

The included beautifully crafted sponges are essential for caring for your baby’s sensitive skin. Developed from natural materials, that have been harvested sustainably, our sponges are also specially shaped and highly absorbent to create ultimate softness. A delicate yet safe cleaning experience for your little bundle of joy.

Everything you need for a soft and gentle bath time. A perfect present for any baby shower or expectant mother.

What’s included in the gift pack:

  • Foam Support (46 cm/30 cm)
  • Natural Baby Sponge (7 cm – 9 cm – shape of each sponge is unique)
  • Teardrop Baby Sponge (13 cm)
  • Single Round Baby Sponge (9 cm)

Foam Bath Support provides a safe and comfortable bath time by slowly absorbing water, to create an ultra-soft support.

Teardrop Sponge is developed from water absorbent foam and is specially shaped to be gentle on the soft folds of a new-born baby’s skin.

Natural Baby Sponge is super soft with a fine honeycomb structure to gently exfoliate and clean the baby’s sensitive skin.

Finally, in our gift pack you will also receive a Buffed Round Baby Sponge which has been manufactured in the UK to the highest certificated standards, ensuring a delicate yet gentle clean for your little bundle of joy.

Ellie-Fant foam support gift pack with selection of bath sponges

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Natural Baby Sponge

Ellie-Fant natural sea sponges are sustainably harvested by specially trained divers from around the world’s oceans. They are super soft with a fine honeycomb structure that gently exfoliates and cleans the baby’s skin, almost as nature intended.

The natural sea sponge is natural and organic, so it won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin or dry it out. It has many antibacterial properties, which means you can use it with confidence.

– Natural exfoliation
– Natural moisturizing properties
– Safe for the whole family
– Great for a fun sensory experience

– Biodegradable
– Contains enzymes that inhibit the growth of bacteria
– Boosts skin health⁠
– Minimises sensitivities⁠
– Absorbs much more water than a traditional sponge
– Excellent foams with any type of soap

Size: 7 – 9 cm (shape of each sponge is unique)

Ellie-Fant natural sea bath sponge

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Baby Blue Round Sponge Twin Pack

Ellie-Fant open-celled, highly absorbent Round Baby Sponge can hold 12x its weight in water. This is the magical secret that makes this sponge super soft and gentle for a calm and safe bath time. This special synthetic sponge ensures ultimate softness through the ability to absorb over 12x its own weight in water.

Providing a super absorbent and baby-friendly alternative to a standard sponge.

*Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested

*Machine-Washable at 40oC

*Dries hard so helps reduce bacteria growth

Ellie-Fant round blue bath sponge

Round Baby Sponge

Ultra-soft and delicate for babies’ sensitive skin. These synthetic buffed round sponges have been created from a super-soft and truly absorbent foam, meaning they are gentler than standard baby products. This gives you full peace of mind for a comfy and safe bath time with your little bundle of joy.

Ellie-Fant round bath sponge

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Teardrop Baby Sponge

Manufactured in the UK, the Ellie-Fant Teardrop Sponge is a uniquely designed bath time sponge created from extremely water absorbent foam, to gently cleanse the soft folds of skin on newborn babies.

Soft and gentle against delicate skin, this sponge has a teardrop shape that carefully reaches into neck folds and behind the ears for a good clean at baby bath times. The pointed end is just right for areas around the eyes and is soft enough for washing delicate baby skin, especially on a baby’s face. This kind and calming, uniquely shaped baby sponge, has been crafted in premium, super-soft synthetic sponge material. It is one of the only sponges that has been specifically shaped to support you in the delicate cleansing of small babies.

This product is extremely important for gentle and safe bathing between the folds of skin on newborn babies.

Ellie-Fant teardrop bath sponge              ellie-fant baby teardrop shaped sponge

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